In Greek mythology, Gaia is the embodiment of planet Earth. Companion of Uranus (Heaven) and mother of the Titans (Giants), Gaia is represented as a powerful and generous woman with her children. And it was thus, inspired by the Greek goddess, that British scientist James E. Lovelock developed the Gaia Theory, or Gaia Hypothesis, which describes the Planet as a living organism capable of generating, maintaining and altering its environmental conditions.

How beautiful you are, O motherland, how splendid you are! You respond to the call of light, and proudly obey the sun.

You are beautiful when you put on shade and when you put the mask of darkness on your face.

"The project Around the World in Solitude and Solidarity aboard the sailboat Gaia Soul aims to raise awareness and share good environmental practices with the population of the cities" Gaia Soul "- stopping points of the sailboat - about the importance of cultural diversity and the protection of the environment. environment, so that there is a change in behavior necessary for the transformation of the current global scenario.

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The main objective of this work was to use a generic methodology for ecosystem characterization and analysis of the benefits of its applicability in other coastal marine areas. In them, there is an urgent need for ecological knowledge, associated with the need for rapid management of their resources. The program used proved to be a tool of easy applicability, synthesizing the scientific knowledge for the area under study and providing fast and reliable results.

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