According to the theory, the chemical composition of the planet's atmosphere depends on the living beings that inhabit it. Without the presence of photosynthetic beings, the carbon dioxide (CO2) content would be very high, while nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2) would have very low concentrations. The example of the atmosphere shows that beings themselves were able to regulate the environment and create ideal conditions for maintaining life.

The Gaia Hypothesis draws attention to the relationships between living beings and the environment, and especially to the relationships between human beings and other living beings. It suggests a reflection on human activities and their negative impact on the balance of the terrestrial ecosystem.

The signs of imbalance are visible: pollution, species extinction, global warming, drought, village extermination… However, as well as some rights and equalities in society have only been recognized after many years of suffering and struggle, the time will come, though society will understand the importance of animals, forests, rivers and oceans.

We must rethink the current economic and social model and make the planet healthy again for future generations. This is what the VIVA GAIA project proposes.




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