Partnership with companies

Business participation is fundamental to the development of the Gaia Soul project. There are several ways in which this partnership can be consolidated: donation, sponsorship or quota, in return for branding.


Be a volunteer

The volunteer can participate in the activities according to the project demand that is aligned with his market experience. The amount of hours will be set according to the activities under development. Also, there is no financial return, only the purpose of collaboration.


Donate with PayPal

The goal of the Gaia Soul project only becomes viable with the support of people and companies that have the same purpose. Donations also make a difference for projects to come to fruition.

Through the PayPal platform - known simple and secure system that facilitates the payment of purchases on the Internet - Donate with PayPal was launched. On this site you make a donation quickly, safely and contribute to a better world in a few clicks. . Simply create your account for free, sign in with your registered login and password, and make payments online.




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